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Car Squealing Noises

Are You Hearing Car Squealing Noises?

Car squealing noises are actually quite common, so don’t freak out. It could be something minor, but it is a sign that something is wrong and you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. The longer you let it go, the stronger the chance that you are going to have a car repair issue that keeps you off the road. We know that car troubles are something that no one wants to encounter or deal with. Don’t worry, McKinney Motor Company is hear to help you with those dreaded car squealing noises.

3 things your car squealing noises could be

Squealing when you accelerate – If this is the case for you, then it is probably related to your belts. This goes double if your car is just warming up, and this is actually a problem that occurs a lot for those who live in colder regions. The car is going to squeal when you turn it on because the belt is either worn or loose and it is slipping, which causes the noise. If the fan belts happen to be worn you’re probably going to need to look at the timing belt as well.

Some people attribute this squealing noise to the cold, which has a part to play in it all, but this squeal usually means that you’re going to have to replace a belt or two.

Worn Alternator Bearings – That squealing noise could be your alternator bearings. When these bearing get worn, they may make a sound. This is one of those problems that’s going to have you taking a visit to the auto repair shop. Your alternator is a very important component of your car, and if the bearings are worn out and causing your vehicle to screech and squeal you should deal with it as soon as you possibly can. It is one of those issues that could leave you stranded beside the road!

squeaky brakes pictureSquealing noise when you apply the brakes – Worn brakes are a common maintenance and repair issue for all of us who own a car. Hearing a screech or a squeal (or even a scrape) while you apply the brakes can mean multiple things. If you seem to hear a smaller squeak when you gently apply the brakes, it could just be dust gathering on the brake pads. There is also the possibility that the small sound is the very first sign that your brake pads are showing signs of wear.

If you hear a very loud screech that sounds almost metal-like when you more forcefully apply the brakes, then you’re probably in the market for a brake pad change. When brake pads are worn out you’re going to notice, and it isn’t really something you should put off fixing. If you put off replacing the brake pads, you run the risk of seriously damaging your rotors, which will result in a much, much higher repair fee. Plus you run the risk of brake failure! You wouldn’t dare drive without working brakes, and going along with worn out brake pads is almost like asking for an accident to occur.

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