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How To Prepare For Winter Driving in Albuquerque

Winter Driving Coming Soon to Albuquerque The key to avoiding problems on the roads this winter is to be prepared. That includes preparing yourself for the different mindset you need as a winter driver, and preparing your car with the seasonal equipment and accessories you should be carrying. The hazards of winter driving in Albuquerque,…
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5 Critical Car Maintenance Checks For Safety

The 5 Top Car Maintenance Checks to Keep You Safe On the Road The passage of a car along the highways and byways of life can be a graceful and pampered journey, or it can be a rough and tumble trek that travels far off the beaten track. Either way, the useful life of many…
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What Is the Best Deal At the Car Wash?

Is It Worth Spending More At the Car Wash? One of the most common car maintenance items is the simple car wash. What is the best deal when the menu offers 3 or 4 service levels with pricing to match? Or should you wash by hand? Working At the Car Wash, Yeah Everybody knows the…
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5 Reasons to Never Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Should You Ignore Your Check Engine Light? We’ve all done it. You’re driving along on your daily routine and you notice the Check Engine Light (CEL) is on. You think, “maybe it’s a just a temporary glitch, I’ll give it some time and see if it goes away.” What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?…
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How To Beat the Heat on the Street This Summer

Auto Service Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer The heat of an Albuquerque summer is enough to put any machine under extreme pressure. Your vehicle is no exception. Take these preventative maintenance steps now, before the temperatures really start to soar, so you can be sure you and your car will get safely and comfortably through…
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