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Category Archives: Automotive Maintenance Tips

Key Things to Know About Tires

Key Things To Know About Tires Few car owners put a lot of thought into buying tires. Still, even if you are not particularly interested in a car's mechanics, it is useful to know the basics about tires. Apart from sparing you from further maintenance expenses, some knowledge in this field can significantly improve your…
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Winter Preventative Car Maintenance

Pre-Winter Car Maintenance Winter is almost here, is your car ready to brave any storm that comes its way? It is highly likely that your vehicle needs some pre-winter maintenance to get it through the cold months ahead. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips to do before the first big freeze of the season.…
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Driving Tips for Lower Costs

Driving Tips to Lower Vehicle Maintenance Costs Driving can, at times, become an expensive proposition. Your vehicle needs regular maintenance and has repair requirements pop up over time. You have to pay fluctuating fuel prices to get where you need to go. While you cannot control all of it, you can take steps to reduce…
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Game of Thrones and Automotive Maintenance

Game of Thrones and Automotive Maintenance In HBO’s Game of Thrones, most of the characters maneuver in different ways to either advance ahead of everyone else or to survive ongoing threats. In many ways, you can think of automotive maintenance in similar terms. Threats to your car or truck are always lurking, in the form…
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Fluids in Your Car

Fluids in Your Car to Monitor Many parts of your car jump out at you when they need to be replaced. Your tires, your brakes, your exhaust system, and your engine provide audible and visible clues that show you when there is a problem. Your vehicle maintenance, though, needs to include more than the solid…
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