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Driving Comfort

How To Increase Your Driving Comfort Why driving comfort is important When you're driving, you should be completely focused on the road and pay attention to everything that happens around you, so it is important to avoid any discomfort that might distract you. This is essential, especially if you have to drive for many hours…
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Footwear Versus Car Accidents

Footwear Versus Car Accidents Driving requires a substantial amount of responsibility. This doesn't only include proper skills and a well-maintained car, but it also has to do with paying attention to various details. When you are in control of a car, you should take all the necessary safety measures. Have you ever thought of wearing…
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Free Car Cooling System Inspection

McKinney Motor Company is Offering a Car Cooling System Inspection For Free It is crucial to have your vehicle’s cooling system inspected and serviced at least once a year. Maintaining your vehicles cooling system can save you money in the long run and prevent a major hassle. By not having your cooling system inspected you…
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$69.99 Radiator/Cooling System Flush

McKinney Motor Company is offering a $69.99 special radiator system flush offer Note:This offer expires 11/30/14 and applies to most cars, please call us to see if this offer applies to your vehicle.   Winter is almost upon us and it is so very important that your cars heating system is working correctly and efficiently.…
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