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Prepare For Winter Driving

Prepare your vehicle for winter driving Winter is fast on its way, and with it comes all the joys of the holidays and all the hardships of cold weather. Lower temperatures can affect your vehicle in a number of ways, and it is important to make sure that everything is functioning properly. McKinney Motor Company…
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Why Flush Your Radiator?

Why You Should Flush Your Radiator It is fast approaching that time of year again where you will need to make sure your radiator is properly maintained. Your radiator acts as a way to cool your engine and is especially important in the heat of the summer, but you also need to make sure the…
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Brake Service Special Offer

McKinney Motor Company is Offering $20 Off per axle on any brake service done Many times the brakes on your car can get ignored for a much longer period of time than they should. They are not the most noticeable part of a vehicle, but they are arguably the most important! McKinney Motor Company has…
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Is It Time To Get Your Brakes Checked?

Why it may be time to get your brakes checked There are some obvious signs that your brakes need servicing, such as the brake light appearing on your car's dashboard or you may hear a squealing or grinding noise when applying the brakes. There are some other less obvious signs that it may be time…
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Car Squealing Noises

Are You Hearing Car Squealing Noises? Car squealing noises are actually quite common, so don't freak out. It could be something minor, but it is a sign that something is wrong and you need to get it checked out as soon as possible. The longer you let it go, the stronger the chance that you…
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