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Check Engine Light

Why Does My Check Engine Light Come On? It happens fairly often. Either when temperatures drop, or when repairs are done, or seemingly for no reason whatsoever - that little light on your dashboard comes on to tell you to check your engine. Generally speaking, the check engine light is triggered by one or more…
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$69.99 Radiator/Cooling System Flush

McKinney Motor Company is offering a $69.99 special radiator system flush offer Note:This offer expires 11/30/14 and applies to most cars, please call us to see if this offer applies to your vehicle.   Winter is almost upon us and it is so very important that your cars heating system is working correctly and efficiently.…
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Fall Vehicle Maintenance

Fall Maintenance for Your Car or Truck Check belts, hoses, and fluids The first thing you should do to prepare for fall and winter is to check all of your belts and hoses. It’s important to keep up on your oil changes, make sure your heat is working properly and ensure the fluids have been…
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