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Driving Comfort

How To Increase Your Driving Comfort

Why driving comfort is important

When you’re driving, you should be completely focused on the road and pay attention to everything that happens around you, so it is important to avoid any discomfort that might distract you. This is essential, especially if you have to drive for many hours on a regular basis. Also, driving comfort is important in order to prevent back aches or muscle pain that are triggered by an uncomfortable position.


Don’t overlook the following:


Stale air can make you sleepy. Always keep the air control or window slightly open.


Extra support

Adapt your headrest and make sure that the neck area is comfortable otherwise you can easily experience neck pain. If that’s not enough, look for specially designed pillows.

Back support is not only the most important one, but sometimes the most overlooked too. Many drivers complain due to back aches, so ensure that your car seat provides good support for your lower back. When the seat doesn’t have a good shape for your body and no built-in lumbar support, get some accessories to avoid back pain.


Padding and cushioning

vehicle seat positioning pictureYou can add seat cushions or extra padding to have a more pleasant ride. Whether you prefer the good old sheepskin or advanced technology including memory foam, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Seat covers will help you protect your textile upholstery. Drivers who have children will particularly appreciate that the covers will keep the upholstery clean. The covers can also perform an interior makeover and that is a great thing for drivers who got a bit tired of their cars.

Also, they will be great to keep the seat warm at any given time and that will be a true blessing if your car has a leather interior. Those can be freezing cold in the winter. If you need extra warmth then, buy heated seat covers.


Seating position

Avoid sitting too close to the wheel or too far so that you have to stretch to push the pedals to the floor. The best position should involve a reasonable distance from the pedals, extended legs and arms that are almost straight. Most seating-related issues can be quickly solved by adjusting the seats or the steering columns.


Seat belt covers

If the seat belt bothers your chest or shoulders, it’s totally out of the question to stop wearing it as they are mandatory for your safety. You can just go for a padded cover.

They can be as soft as you want. Boost the comfort of your children and encourage them to always wear a seat belt by getting fluffy plush ones featuring small stuffed animals.


Dressing appropriately

It might be ok to keep your jacket on for a short ride, but it’s a no-brainer to wear very thick clothing for hours on end. They can restrict your movement, make you sweat and overall stress you out. Gloves might even make you spill drinks all over the place and that certainly won’t help.

Also, your footwear has to be adequate for driving too. That means no high heels or heavy boots.


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