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Exhaust System Repairs

Exhaust System Repair in Albuquerque

In most cases under normal conditions, your vehicles exhaust system will not need much attention until higher mileage or advanced years. However, ignoring your vehicles exhaust during those years can be both detrimental to your vehicles performance and much more costly once you truly know there is a problem. McKinney Motor Company can easily inspect and identify any potential problems with you cars exhaust system. This may save you money and preserve the life of your vehicle.

Exhaust System Main Functions

Your vehicles exhaust system has 3 main functions;

  1. Reduce the sound that your vehicle exhaust makes through the use of a muffler
  2. Route the hot, poisenous exhaust fumes away from the cabin of the vehicle and to a safe area for release
  3. Provide emmission reduction through the use of a catalytic converter


If Exhaust System Repair or Maintenance is Neglected

If not repaired or maintained when required, an exhaust system will lead to higher repair costs later, a rejection of state inspection and inability to drive the car legally. Ultimately, the severe impairment of engine performance.

Small holes in the exhaust system can usually be repaired with welding and patching, but if ignored will grow larger and require component replacement at higher expense. While the car may still be drivable with a loud exhaust, passing state inspection becomes doubtful with chances for tickets and fines becoming more likely. With no attention paid to the exhaust system, leaks especially before the catalytic converter will add big problems. The computer does not realize that a leak exists, instead this unmetered oxygen is understood as a poorly performing motor. The computer will attempt to correct this poor performance by adding fuel. This richening of mixture will cause misfire, carbonization of the valves and intake, and loss of performance in the engine. In addition, the unburnt hydrocarbons from this rich mixture will eventually overwhelm the catalytic converter causing it to fail and need replacement. Repairs at this point will be costly.

There is also the risk that a leaky exhaust system can let dangerous carbon monoxide gases and fumes enter into the vehicles cabin. This can cause passengers to be sick and even worse! Many times, the passenger doesn’t even know that they are inhaling these fumes and can therefore, have catastrophic effects on their health. If you have an older vehicle, it is important to get your exhaust system inspected on a regular basis.


McKinney Motor Company are Specialists at Exhaust System Repair

Call us or just drop by and let us conduct an inspection of your vehicles exhaust system. We are one of Albuquerque’s most experienced automotive repair shops. We can, with confidence, let you know if you vehicle has any needed maintenance or repairs to your exhaust system or any other component on your vehicle.

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