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Footwear Versus Car Accidents

Footwear Versus Car Accidents

Driving requires a substantial amount of responsibility. This doesn’t only include proper skills and a well-maintained car, but it also has to do with paying attention to various details. When you are in control of a car, you should take all the necessary safety measures. Have you ever thought of wearing appropriate shoes while driving? If that never crossed your mind, it is time to take care of this matter before starting your next ride.

Your shoes can make a big difference and keep you away from the alarming risks of dangerous driving. The wrong kind of footwear can not only cause you inconveniences, but can lead to car accidents as well. It can impair your movement and prevent you from operating the pedals adequately. You certainly don’t want to take any chances here.

Women are more prone to be involved in crashes due to driving in inappropriate shoes. The variety of soles and heels might be fashionable, but can pose serious risks. Also, wet weather can make the sole slippery so keep in mind to dry your shoes’ soles so that they won’t slip off the pedals unexpectedly.

Here are the inappropriate types of footwear that you should avoid while driving:

safe driving footwear pictureHeavy boots, Wellington boots and platforms
They don’t allow you to use the pedals in a correct manner and they restrict your movement. The thick and chunky sole can make you use the pedals too aggressively and unintentionally engage in risky driving.

They don’t stay in place and can easily slip off during the drive. Losing a flip-flop can make the driver inattentive to the road.

Shoes with stiletto heels
You can’t hold your feet at the right angle to drive properly. Stilettos don’t enable you to keep your heel on the floor and to apply the right amount of pressure on the clutch, acceleration and brake pedal. Also, the stiletto heel can get locked on the pedal.

They are not secure enough because their sole is too thin and it can have a poor grip on the pedals.

The shoes you wear when driving should be lightweight and shouldn’t limit ankle movement in any way. When you need to hit the brakes or to accelerate, you should be able to use the best pedal pressure. The sole shouldn’t be too soft. It should have a good grip that won’t allow it to slip off. There shouldn’t be any straps or heels that could get caught in the pedals or in the floor mat.


The solution

This problem can be easily fixed. Just keep one or two spare pairs of comfortable and safe shoes for driving. If you always have some good shoes in your car, you will ensure safe driving all the time. Remember to keep the extra pair far away from the pedals, like in the glove compartment. Changing will take only a few seconds and it will be well worth it. You will be able to control your feet properly and to avoid any dangerous movements that could lead to car accidents.

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