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Game of Thrones and Automotive Maintenance

Game of Thrones and Automotive Maintenance

In HBO’s Game of Thrones, most of the characters maneuver in different ways to either advance ahead of everyone else or to survive ongoing threats. In many ways, you can think of automotive maintenance in similar terms. Threats to your car or truck are always lurking, in the form of potholes, leaks, or just parts that wear down over time. As your vehicle ages, you may find yourself feeling much like Tyrion Lannister, trying to find ways to adjust to threats emerging all around you. But if you take care of your car or truck, you will find it can take care of you for years to come.


Don’t Wait for Trouble

dont wait for trouble pictureIf you don’t pay attention to the signs, threats will eventually present themselves. Waiting for that to happen, though, leaves you exposed to problems. Waiting for your brakes to squeak or grind lifts your repair bill. Waiting for your oil light before you change it damages your engine. Just as those in the show who count on goodwill of others or ignore emerging threats from other families, you soon find yourself trapped—in a vehicle that does not provide safety for you or your family.

A properly maintained vehicle is one that sees the repair shop on a standard schedule. You don’t wait until you need repairs; you look ahead and change your oil, rotate your tires, get tune-ups, and replace wearing brake pads. You prepare for what lies ahead, and in doing so, you avoid problems before they present themselves.


Winter Is Coming

The mantra of House Stark, “Winter is coming,” applies across the board. In an Albuquerque summer, it may feel like winter is a hundred years away, but eventually it will come. While it does not take the form of white walkers destroying everyone in their paths, it does provide for some danger on the roads in the form of snow and ice. And dropping temperatures can claim car batteries along the way.

Your automotive maintenance plan should always include seasonal protections. Coolant/antifreeze and radiator flushes keep your car ready to run in extreme temperatures. Rotating your tires extends tread life, and new tires when the tread wears down can keep you driving safely in any road conditions. Finally, wiper replacement helps you see clearly in rain and snowfall. Whatever the season, take the time to prepare your vehicle to face what lies ahead.


Build Alliances

Throughout Game of Thrones, alliances form and fall. House Baratheon and House Lannister unite, and then pull apart. The same occurs across the land, with alliances creating strength or chaos depending on the mutual goodwill or lack thereof. Knowing whom you can trust becomes the key to success. Finding a auto repair company that you can trust is paramount!


Taking care of your car requires you to work with someone you trust. McKinney Motor Company serves the Albuquerque area with skill and integrity. We want to help you maintain your vehicle and your confidence in us, so we work with you to perform the maintenance and repair work you really need to keep going safely. You can count on McKinney to take the best care of your automotive maintenance needs. Call us today (505) 298-6734 to schedule an appointment and stay safely on the road.

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