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Maintain Your Tires Properly

Maintain Your Tires Properly

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, most people know that they need to change their oil every three thousand miles. You know you need to check your coolant. You know you need to get tune-ups, and you listen for odd sounds coming from under the hood. But how much thought do you put into your tires? The wear on your tires and the way you maintain them over time can make a difference not only in how safe you are on the road, but in how the rest of your car holds up over time.


How Tires Protect You

The most obvious part of what your tires do is to keep you from sliding off the road. When you have ice, water, or loose gravel on the road, worn tires can let you slide, creating accidents. That said, they also serve an important role in cushioning your car, along with your shocks, against uneven roads and bumps that can affect your engine and your suspension. Over time, letting your tires go unattended can cost you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.


Inflation and Rotation

Proper tire maintenance requires checking the inflation levels frequently. This is particularly true in the face of wide temperature shifts, as colder temperatures can reduce your tire pressure. The effect is significant for your driving and for the health of your car. An overinflated tire may be more prone to blowing out. It also has less give when it hits uneven road or objects in the road, making the ride bumpier and harder on your vehicle. On the other hand, an underinflated tire can make steering more difficult and reduce your fuel economy, in addition to reducing the life of the tire itself.

Besides the inflation issues, tires tend to wear unevenly over time. Your steering patterns can create different levels of tread wear, both from driver’s side to passenger’s side and from front to back. This can create balance problems for your car, and only gets more pronounced over time. Rotating your tires every 5,000 miles can go a long way toward keeping your tires even and extending their lives on your vehicle.


When to Replace

Tires eventually need to be replaced. You should look for signs that they have been damaged. For example, if you need to add air to your tires often, there is a potential that you have a slow leak to replace. If they have worn unevenly or have areas that look damaged, you probably need new tires. Excessive wear can also be an issue. If you insert a penny into the tread, and it does not reach deep enough to cover part of Abraham Lincoln’s head, the tread is shallower than it should be. Feeling the car slip on turns or feeling excessive bumpiness when you drive should also raise a flag for you.

Ultimately, your tires play a tremendous part in keeping you and the rest of your car safe. When you take care of your car, make sure to take care of the tires too. As you seek an automotive care service to provide this maintenance in Albuquerque, contact McKinney Motor Company. Our experts can help keep your vehicle in top condition. (505) 298-6734

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