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Prepare For Winter Driving

Prepare your vehicle for winter driving

Winter is fast on its way, and with it comes all the joys of the holidays and all the hardships of cold weather. Lower temperatures can affect your vehicle in a number of ways, and it is important to make sure that everything is functioning properly. McKinney Motor Company will prepare your vehicle for winter driving. Look over these important items, then give us a call!


Lines and Fluids

Temperature changes cause materials to expand and contract, and car parts are no exception. Cold weather can mean leaks in your vehicle’s pipelines as they contract with the colder weather. Older lines are more likely to leak fluid in the winter, so be sure to have them checked and maintained regularly. Car fluids will also thicken in winter weather, reducing vehicle performance. If they haven’t been changed recently, they may contain contaminants as well, which can cause further problems.


Spark Plugs

Old spark plugs are inefficient even in good conditions, and they are even worse in the winter. The colder temperatures weaken the spark at startup, and if the spark plug is already well worn, the chances of a misfire are much higher. A misfire can lead to other problems, such as damaging the catalytic converter, which can be costly to repair. Spark plugs are much cheaper than catalytic converters, so be sure to check up on them and replace them as soon as they start wearing out.



Remember how cold weather thickens fluids? This can put a strain on your vehicle’s battery as it tries to get your engine to turn over on winter mornings. In addition, the chemical reactions that produce the battery’s electrical current are slowed down by the cold, making it even more difficult to get your car or truck started. If your battery is past its prime, your engine may not start at all when the temperatures drop. It is generally recommended to have the battery replaced every three years. Doing so will help make sure your vehicle is ready to go this winter.


Heating System

The first day of winter is not the day to find out whether your car’s heating system is functioning. A number of factors can contribute to a lack of heat, including air pockets in your radiator fluid, blocked hoses, or blown fuses and circuits. An inspection by a trusted mechanic can ensure that everything is in working order so that you can drive comfortably once the cold temperatures hit.

To make sure your vehicle is ready for winter driving, look no further than McKinney Motor Company. Our ASE certified mechanics and technicians can look over your car or truck and perform any maintenance it needs. Call us at (505) 298-6734 to schedule an appointment.

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