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Racer’s Edge in Car Service

Does Your Car Have the Racer’s Edge?

The summer driving season approaches and NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula 1 racing seasons are in full swing. Professional drivers and racing teams are moving around the country, showcasing the very latest and greatest of automotive technology — and state-of-the-art vehicle recovery, repair, and maintenance skills and facilities.

Racing helps the car-owning public appreciate just how complex and well put-together these machines have to be. And while the average daily commuter tends to be a little more conservative at the wheel than the professionals are, there’s a lot in common between the race track and the street.

The Driver is Only As Good As the Team

The car that gets unloaded each week at the track is a product of the mechanics and engineers who put and keep it all together. They know the car inside out. They know everything about it. It makes sense to have that kind of close connection with the crew that keeps your personal car on the road, too. The service record, history of replacement parts, and maintenance schedules all play a part in making sure you get to the finish line no matter where your daily drive is taking you.

Speed Matters

When you need to make a pit stop, whether it’s for regular maintenance or a tell-tale vibration, shimmy, or squeal, you know speed matters. It comes down to three basic points.

  • How quickly the car gets brought in and diagnosed
  • How accurately and quickly the work gets done
  • How quickly you get back out on the road

The pros put on quite a show. Your service garage mechanics might not look quite as flashy, but they should still be focused on making sure you stick to your schedule, just as if you were the lucky dog on the lead lap.

The Prize For Winning is Economy and Reliability

Sure, maybe the multi-million dollar prize money from the big races is fun for a while. But in the long run, what pays off the most is having reliable performance and economical transportation that you can count on day in and day out. That’s the solid foundation of what an automotive service and repair shop should provide. That’s the racer’s edge: the trust and the commitment to quality that lets you know you and your family are safe behind the wheel.

The Real Pros

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The world of big-time racing is full of noise, smoke, and excitement. Hopefully, your daily commute is not. You may not be driving around with the name of a breakfast cereal plastered all over your car, but you do have everything riding on the success of each and every lap you run. It makes sense to have as much faith in your crew as the pros have in theirs.


This summer, get the McKinney Motor Company automotive pros coming over the wall to deliver service and maintenance for your vehicle. It’s guaranteed to look and perform its best, both inside and out, when it’s placed in our capable hands. To book your next high performance pit stop, call us at (505) 298-6734.

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