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39.99 Radiator Flush Special Offer

$39.99 Albuquerque Radiator Flush Special

Note:This offer expires 1/31/16 and applies to most cars,
please call us to see if this offer applies to your vehicle.

Winter here and it is so very important that your cars heating system is working correctly and efficiently. Having your radiator flushed can make a huge difference in not just the engines cooling system, but also your vehicles heating system.

Modern aluminum engine components are prone to corrosion. Most coolants lose their anti-corrosive properties after two years, but anytime you see rusty fluid instead of green, red or orange, it’s time for a flush. A clean system will run more efficiently and protect your car. Also, mineral deposits from water, gunk that accumulates from coolant breaking down, and residue from metal erosion as well as from parts that fail can clog the water pump. This impairs your engine performance. Flushing the system removes the sediments and sludge that accumulate over time.


Mention this special offer when you bring your vehicle in to us or call (505) 298-6734 to set up an appointment
Offer Expires 1/31/16
Offer does not include the price of the antifreeze

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