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What is a Tune-Up?

What is an Automotive Tune-Up and How Does it Help?

When you get a vehicle repaired, it is usually easy to understand why: something has gone wrong in your vehicle’s performance, and you need to fix it. Similarly, some maintenance procedures are fairly straightforward; an oil chance replaces older, dirtier oil with new oil to keep your engine lubricated and clean, while inflating or replacing tires is exactly what it sounds like it is. For many customers, though, a basic tune-up is a mystery. The procedure and the timing of it differ from one vehicle to another, but tuning up your car or truck is essential to getting the most life and the best value out of it.


What We Do

At McKinney Motor Company, we begin your automotive tune-up with a general assessment of your engine and component parts. Sometimes, we can see potential problems based on visual clues, while others require us to run the engine and perform some basic diagnostics. For instance, worn spark plugs, discolored firing noses on the plugs, or hard, cracked spark plug wires present obvious need for replacement of those parts, while we may need to run tests to ensure proper firing and timing of your plugs. We will also check the fuel pump for buildup or clogging, test the fuel pump for proper function, and check your filters, valves, and fluid levels. We want every part of your engine not only working, but operating at peak efficiency.

After our assessment, we will give you a written report of everything we need to do, and an explanation of why we do it. We want you to trust your vehicle care, maintenance, and repairs to our expert technicians, and we feel the best way to do so is to be up front and direct with you. If there are any procedures you need us to explain, we take the time to do so, in clear terminology that avoids the confusion that too many automobile service providers create for their customers.


Why Get Regular Automotive Tune-Ups

Just like any other kind of machinery, your vehicle’s engine wears down over time. It does not happen uniformly, but rather one component at a time. Small problems emerge, sometimes unnoticed until they lead to larger, more widespread issues in engine performance. Before you know what happened, you can be staring at a bright check-engine light while trying to get your car to start so you can get home after a late night at work.

Your vehicle manufacturer recommends regular tune-ups for your car or truck. The schedule is different based on your brand and your model, but it is there to protect both you and your vehicle over time. The cost of small replacement parts pales in comparison to major transmission work or other engine repairs that can result from ignoring your maintenance needs. The tune-up helps your engine run more efficiently and gives you better gas mileage for longer. We can help you can avoid significant problems and keep your car running smoothly for tens of thousands of miles.


A regular automotive tune-up is a key factor to keeping your car on the road. As you seek an automotive care service to provide this maintenance in Albuquerque, contact McKinney Motor Company. Our experts can help keep your vehicle in top condition. (505) 298-6734

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