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Why Flush Your Radiator?

Why You Should Flush Your Radiator

It is fast approaching that time of year again where you will need to make sure your radiator is properly maintained. Your radiator acts as a way to cool your engine and is especially important in the heat of the summer, but you also need to make sure the proper amount of anti-freeze is in the radiator as well. You certainly don’t want your engine to freeze up during the cold months ahead. Now is a good time to flush your radiator

Don’t let it corrode

Components in modern engines are made from several different types of metals which corrode at different rates. Those different metals together in an electrolytic solution lead to galvanic corrosion, a severe type of corrosion. Therefore special care has to be taken to prevent the buildup of rust and other materials, which is another job of your coolant, and to make sure that the acidity of the coolant is kept at the correct level. After time, that coolant will start to break down and quit doing it’s job like it should, which is why a coolant flush is such a vital part of the maintenance of your vehicle.

Flush your radiator because it will:

  • Remove rust and deposits from your cooling system
  • New antifreeze has corrosion inhibitors
  • All the old antifreeze is removed and the pump is lubricated with a flushNew antifreeze will help the engine run at the proper temperature and prevent freezing

Not only are you removing the old rust with a coolant flush, you are also pumping through fresh antifreeze which has anti-corrosive agents in it, helping prevent future rust. Corrosion is the leading cause of failure in cooling system components. Flushing away the rust and scale deposits makes it possible for the coolant to flow freely, reducing the possibility of overheating. If you have never seen a heater core, they have extremely small passages that the coolant flows through, when these passages get too much buildup from rust and scale, you quit getting heat.

This is a service I recommend you have done at a garage, they have the proper tools and equipment and can make sure that the coolant will be disposed in the proper manor.


McKinney Motor Company has expert automotive repair and maintenance technicians. It may be time to flush your radiator! Bring your car or truck in today, don’t wait until your vehicle is at a point where you will be paying for expensive repairs instead of inexpensive maintenance.

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